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“David brought cutting edge research and practice together with humor and humanity to deliver a message of learning, value, interdependence, and hope.”


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“We were extremely impressed by Dr. Preston’s ability to blend timeless principles with modern technology in ways that brought stories to life and made the impossible possible.”

-Royal Geographic Society

“Dr. Preston delivered a vision of Open Source Learning that made an immediate impact.  This is the future of education.”

-O’Reilly OSCON

“It was amazing to watch David not just describe best practices but model them in real time– bringing students and colleagues online from around the world took the promise of learning from ideal to real.”

-MacArthur Foundation Digital Media & Learning Conference

“Dr. Preston’s energy and compassion brought us into a world of motivated learners who design their own interdisciplinary journeys and create high value networks all over the world.  Welcome to the Learning Economy.”

-Institute for the Future

“David’s unique perspectives on management, leadership, vision and strategy breathed new life into familiar topics and energized an executive audience who thought they’d seen it all.”

-The Employers Group

“Dr. Preston takes collaboration and engagement to a whole new level.  Our members loved his talk and took his messages to heart in ways that will help their organizations, communities, and constituents.  This is a cultural foundation we can build schools on.”

-California Charter Schools Conference

“If you need a speaker who can entertain, educate, and light a fire that illuminates a path to success, look no further: David Preston is the Man.”

-Los Angeles Employees Association

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